Enderun Honors Top Athletes

07 Apr Enderun Honors Top Athletes



“It didn’t matter what team you were or, what sport you played. Everyone was there to share in the love of the game… and the love of free food!” said one of the basketball players from the women’s team, Mikel Jacinto.

March 2, 2015 marked the day for the evening of what is now known as the Annual Athletics Night. In comparison to the previous year, this year’s athletics night brought everyone back to their junior and senior high school days, imbibing this whole “prom” vibe. The organizers, Ryza Rodero, Divine Barcelona, and Michelle Cerrer thought it best to implement a Sadie Hawkins theme that encouraged the women varsity players to ask the varsity men out as their dates.

Held at the Tent at Enderun Colleges, which was beautifully decorated with a minimalistic yet athletic ambience, the varsity players entered the floor in pairs, each making a their own unique entrance, be it dancing, posing, waving or twirling through a futsal goal.

Jack Tuason, Enderun Colleges lead founder

Jack Tuason, Enderun Colleges lead founder

The night was kept vibrant with hosts Kevin Abuedo and Ranee Rome, who introduced the speakers, Jack Tuason, Dean Ed Rodriguez and the special guest speaker of the night, Matt Cullen, coach of the Philippines’ National Rugby Union Team – known to many as the “Volcanoes,” who brought along with him some of the team players. Coach Matt spoke about teamwork and passion about the game or the sport one plays. He emphasized that passion is the driver that separates the good athletes from the better ones and that the hunger to excel as a team is what propels athletes and their teams further.

The highlight of the night was definitely the awards, wherein cheers, screams and laughs resounded throughout the Tent:

Couple of the Night

  • Earvin Maravilla, Men’s Basketball
  • Mae Salmon, Women’s Futsal

Prom King & Queen

  • Willy Kamguia, Men’s Basketball
  • Kim Wolf, Women’s Futsal

Best Dressed Couple

  • Matthew Yohanna, Men’s Futsal
  • Gel Go, Women’s Volleyball

Most Improved Player Award

  • Leona Tan, Women’s Basketball
  • Mary Frost, Women’s Futsal
  • Erwin Bernardo, Men’s Basketball
  • Heo Kanghun, Men’s Futsal

Special Recognition Award

  • Alecs Ronquillo, Women’s Basketball
  • Patch Bautista, Women’s Futsal
  • Mark Nunez, Men’s Basketball
  • Christopher Conception, Men’s Futsal

Coaches’ Choice Award

  • Micah Martinez, Women’s Basketball
  • Kitkat Rivilla, Women’s Futsal
  • Earvin Maravilla, Men’s Basketball
  • Nikko Del Rosario, Men’s Futsal

Most Valuable Player Award

  • Camille Padilla, Women’s Basketball
  • Kim Wolf, Women’s Futsal
  • Jordan Rios, Men’s Basketball
  • Marc Fulterer, Men’s Futsal

Athlete of the Year Award

  • Kim Wolf, Women’s Futsal


Troy the Titan opens the night with a dance number signalling the entrance of the athletes

Troy the Titan opens the night with a dance number signalling the entrance of the athletes